Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Little Lady is a rolling machine...however, she's enjoying it so much it is interfering with her, ahem, her mama's sleep.  She was up at 5am ready to practice her skills, all smiles and giggles of course too, it was hard to be mad at her :)

5am, ready to rock and roll! I know to most it doesn't look like she moved all that much, but we break the rules at our house...she sleeps on her tummy, with blankets **Gasp!** :)
Cannot tell you how much easier this little chopper makes my life in making baby food for Libbers.  Leftovers, oh, just throw it in, grind it up and it's baby food! I only remembered toward the end of Sally's baby food stage that I had this.  I use the hand mixer all the time for malts and smoothies! So much for only trying one new food a day/week...second child I guess you're just less worried and play by your own rules!

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