Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Lovin'

We had a blast :)

I decided Friday night I had had enough of Daddy always getting to take Sally to do fun things while Mommy stayed behind with the baby.  Okay, so it's kind of nice sometimes to have a little break.

I took my girl to get a DQ. She had a great week of playing with friends and very little reprimanding was needed!

If you google summer, this is the picture that will pop up :)

Saturday we headed over to our local water park.  Not sure who was more excited, Mommy or Sally :)

Sally anxiously waiting for Uncle Joey to come!

Little Lady Libby is ready for the pool!

Hanging with her GodFather!

These water slides Rock!! They go super fast! I made Sally go without giving her a chance to decide if she wanted to or not, to my surprise she loved it! Of course, Daddy gets the glory of being in the pictures...

Love their genuine smiles!

Hanging in the shade with my girl, waiting to capture a picture of her Big Sister and Daddy

Almost there


There are those smiles again!

"Jackie, can you take another picture, she was grabbing my nipple" LOL

There, that's better!
 We got our hands stamped on our way out so that we could come back for dinner with the Christensen Family! {We were with the Lindbergs, Christensens and Uncle Joey in the morning} :)
"Iz, what's wrong with your hair?"

Sunday, we met up with Kyle and Laura at Medicine Lake Beach.  It was a little windy, but fun to cool down for a bit!

Beach Bums

Our Little Fish

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  1. Jakie, where is this waterpark you speak of? Alex? Valleyfair? Ash would love it, I must know! Lol, Sally was grabbing my nipple. hehe!