Friday, June 22, 2012

Picture Perfect Days

The picture perfect days are back and we're back to spending our days outside!

Libby had her 6 month check up earlier this week.  We've got a healthy and very proportional little lady!

Weight: 18lbs 8 oz-89%
Height: 27in-88%

Love this little lady! I can't get enough of her and her happiness!

So excited to be back at the park!

Always has so much to say! :) "oooooh boy oooooh boy, what a beautiful day!"

Thanks Tiff for the adorable shirt! You should give her some business cards to pass out.  Someone at the park told her they liked her shirt. "Thanks, I got it for my friend Izzy, you want one?"

Chasing bubbles!
Happy Friday, Happy Day, Happy Weekend!!

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