Monday, October 21, 2013


We sure had a great weekend! It was nice to not have to rush off to go anywhere and the weather provided for lots of snuggling.  One of Reid's classes finished up last week so he only had half of the workload, at least for one weekend.  His new class starts up this week, while he continues his other. Inching closer.

Friday night we met the Martinson Family and the Christenson Family for dinner!  It was quite the crew with all of the kiddos, but everyone did great.  We decided if we're going to have that large of group we would get to talk more if we met at someone's house instead :)

Kari sure loves kiddos :)

Girlfriends. Lots of pink! Bobby was here too!

Leading the way
Starting the weekend off with a Splash!

We ran some quick errands at the mall.  Said Hello to Mickey...36 days until Disney!!

My loves.

Pure Happiness!

We decided to add a bench to our front entry, to help store some winter gear!  Princess Sally helped her Prince!


We enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning after 8:30am Mass.  Libby was helping Daddy highlight important notes

Daddy really wanted to go for a walk, so we made do with Boots ad Umbrellas!

After some hot soup we enjoyed some before bed stories!

Lots of snuggles and lots of blessings!

Here's another part of our Rediscover Summary.  The first part is here.

Throughout our lives, we don’t just tolerate good things, we “love” them.  We don’t say “Oh okay, I guess I’ll tolerate this vacation.”  “Oh, you’ve prepared this wonderful Thanksgiving meal? I guess I’ll tolerate it.”  Why do we think we need to just tolerate going to Mass? Mass is a wonderful celebration within our church community, with the focus around the Eucharist. Instead of thinking of Mass as a burden, it should be looked at as a time to thank the Lord for all the blessings in our lives, to ask for and receive forgiveness for our sins, and be together as the family of God. Tolerance is culture’s way of diminishing God’s truth, that only through Him can we be saved.

God made us for Him, to honor Him and spread His message of love.  Our hearts are restless until we rest in Him.  We should never stop trying to serve Him; we always thirst for more.  However, we constantly are finding substitutes for God: wealth, pleasure, power and honor.  People need to be taught that we will never be happy, never find what we’re looking for except through the Lord. The world is dying in its belief that love matters. Our culture has become about everyone having the freedom to live based on their interpretation of what is “right”. All too often we hear “I am a spiritual person, a Christian, but I don’t need the church to tell me what is right and wrong,” but many people miss the point that the structure and the Sacraments, and most importantly the Eucharist, are what should be the center of our relationship with God. Society portrays Jesus as someone who was a really nice person, a great teacher. In reality, He was someone who was focused only on building the kingdom of God, and took risks and upset people when necessary to make a real difference. It is not ok to mention religion in our culture, but we can make entire books, shows, and movies that focus on sex and most people have no issue with it!  Think about your favorite TV shows or songs on the radio, how much do we see/hear about sex and living our lives based on our own set of rules/morals/values? Our hearts are restless until we rest in Him, and we need to start with truly seeking Him.


  1. Very well said Jackie! Love your summaries!

  2. Keep rockin that masters in theology! :)