Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This & That

Libby enjoys her one on one time with Mommy while Sally is at school. Either out for lunch or out shopping!
This was from a while back after one of her days at daycare where I was able to pick her up before they ate lunch
We love Aldi!
Nana & Gpa sent out some Halloween cards with a little gift of money to use at Park Yogurt.  Sally insisted on paying for her own, instead of letting Grandma pay.  We still have to help her understand how to save and budget ;)

However, she did inspire some of the other kids in the place.  One little boy and him mom came over to ask Sally if she saved her own money.  The little boy was apparently watching wide-eyed as the little 4 year old girl handed her own money to pay for her FroYo :)

Yesterday was an Arts N Craft, rainy baking day!

Sally wanted to be sure her hands and ears were warm for school today when they head out to play at the playground...thank you Nana and Grandpa (and Grandma and George, she's wearing her new outfit today too!)

Happy Hump Day!! Happy 22 month Birthday, Libby Jo...eeeeeeek, almost 2!!!!!

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  1. You're so good at getting out and about with the girlies! Love you