Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Minnetonka Apple Orchard

We look advantage of our lazy morning and we took advantage of the beautiful Fall day!!

Meet the Princess Ballerina Sisters!
After naps we headed out to the Minnetonka Apple Orchard. The highlight was the giant slide and the hayride!! Loving the memories I'm making with my girls!

My little apple

Driving the tractor

Checking out the sheep

Climbing the Hay tower!

Have a face off with the animals

Being a big girl and keeping up with her big sister!

Climbing to the top!

They made it!

Driving the train

All aboard!

Back to the slide!

Waiting for the hayride

Loving the one on one time with my girls! Libby was very concerned about a little boy having a tantrum

Nice lady that saw me attempting the previous selfie :)

It was a wonderful day! It was kind of nice to go by ourselves and not as a play date so I could focus on just the girls.  They even got a little candy stick to suck on for the ride home.  And by suck on, I mean get every inch of them as sticky as possible.  You should have seen Libby's hair.  At least it was a peaceful drive back :)

**I almost forgot about my amazing trip to Aldi.  Sally was in charge of bringing snack for her class today.  The first week of the month the theme is fruit, so I decided to head over to Aldi to get a good deal.  We quickly found what we were looking for and for some reason the girls don't "preform" quite as well in here as they do other errands, such as Target.  A lady in front of me saw that I had my hands full and asked if she could help me.  She unloaded my items on to the conveyer.  Very nice and much appreciated.  THEN! I was loading the girls in to the car and about to unload the groceries into the back of the car when a different lady came over and said, "I don't need a cart, but I'd be happy to put this away for you.  Here's a quarter {if you've been to Aldi you understand that part} and I hope you have a great rest of the day!"  Wowzers, every little bit makes a difference.  Was I wearing a sign that Daddy is gone for the week? My child has a terrible cough and we're getting less than normal amounts of sleep?  At any rate I will definitely be "paying it forward!"

**Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. Such a good big sister! Your story at the end is very inspiring! Just little gestures can make such a difference!,