Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Second Born

Second born's are known to march to the beat of their own drum.  I'm a second born, a middle child.  I remember sitting around the dinner table and being silly.  Always trying to lighten the mood.

Jenny--I'm a faiiiiiiry {inside joke}

Our little second born has a lot of those tendencies. What I love the most is that she's just being silly for her.  She doesn't try to do it to get anyone's attention, she's never known what it's like to have it all on her.  She's in her own world doing her own thing. 

Sally's favorite part of school is to make art for people.  Yesterday she made one for her sister.  Melts this Mama's heart!

Love, heart balloons, a big 2 because she's almost 2 and a little girl with pigtails :)
Sally & Libby got some Halloween mail from Grandma and George yesterday

Mom, look!

Wizard of Oz, Grandma's favorite!  Libby--hmmmm how can I get this candy open?
**Happy Birthday Mama Roith

**Happy Halloween Eve!

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