Monday, October 14, 2013


A few months ago I called my mom to see if she was free on October 12, to come spend the day with the girls, so Reid and I could go to the Rediscover Conference.  She checked her schedule and was happy to say she was free to come and watch the girls.  We were lucky we decided so early as this event was quickly sold out to over 5,000+ Catholics.

It was a day I was very honored to be a Catholic and even more blessed to have my husband next to me who shares that same belief.  He was just as excited to be there as I was. To be honest we are both still processing all that we heard and saw.  We took notes and we've discussed.  It is my hope that I'll be able do the conference justice and write about it here on this blog.  In a perfect world, my husband would write that post for me, as he's better with words and remembering, but he's got quite a bit on his plate.  So, if within 2 weeks I haven't written something, please hold me to it! We were inspired and would love to share it with all of you.

They already have the dates set for next year, as it will be an annual thing and they're moving it to the Minneapolis Convention center for twice the occupancy.  We would love to have you join us!  I believe the dates are October 3 & 4th!

So, more to come on Rediscovering Catholicism.

Thank you so much Grandma, for taking such good care of our little girls and for conquering Saturday morning swimming lessons on your own!  Come back and play again soon. We love you!


It wouldn't be a visit without FroYo!

Blessed and inspired!

Thank you Grandma and George for our cute outfits!  Loved getting this picture while we were at the conference.  Grandma's the best at doing hair!
  Happy Columbus Day, Happy Monday!!

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