Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a relaxing and fun filled day with lots of unhealthiness and sugar, because Hey, it's Halloween :)

Sally's party at school was yesterday. My sweet Rapunzel

Her entire class before they paraded around the school

Our monthly chalkboard

Sally did these crafts at school, I was SO impressed!!

I keep asking her if she really drew that pumpkin or if maybe one of the teachers helped.  I can't get over it.

We had to get donuts to celebrate the holiday ;)

Pre-trick-or-treat dress up so it's not so stressful to get the perfect picture when they're waiting to get out the door.

Great naps get rewarded with Wizard of Oz

Sally was enthralled! Grandma and George just got tickets for the 3 oldest grandchildren to see this play at Ordway!

Libby: Craaaazzzaaay witch Crazy

Sally: No Libby, she's not crazy, she's ugly because she's not kind.  Weren't you listening?

I should have taken a picture of our pumpkins lit up earlier this week...before the squirrels got to them.  A squirrel was inside Reid's pumpkin earlier today.

A Gopher M and on the side Rah and Sally's silly face

Happy pumpkin {eye's eaten by squirrels} and Mickey Mouse outline

Daddy talked with his professor to make sure it was okay if he missed the first half of class so he could take his girls trick-or-treating.  He got the okay! Someday the girls will know how blessed they are and how much he sacrifices for them.

Watching Mommy light the pumpkins. 

Joey and Emily came over to celebrate with us! Thank you Emily for taking the picture!

Cinderella and Rapunzel!

Delores was the first house!

And off they went!
Happy Halloween!  Happy almost All Saint's and All Soul's Day!

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