Monday, October 7, 2013


We're alive and doing well, and no I'm not pregnant.  I didn't update the blog on Thursday or Friday and a few people got worried and reached out to make sure we were okay.  I appreciate your caring and your loyalty to the blog :)  We are all doing great!  For the future, I may not post as often, we're a little busier coming and going with Sally in school 3 days and there are fewer photo opportunities.  So, don't be alarmed if we aren't here Monday-Friday :)

It was so great to have Daddy back!! I kind of took advantage of him being around and came and went as I pleased.  I went to Yoga Saturday morning, ran a few errands, went to church solo Saturday evening so I was able to cheer on my good friend Liz at 2 separate locations as she completed the marathon and went grocery shopping solo.  We also had some good low key family time, and a few visitors and friend dinners!! It was a successful weekend, minus the weather.

Reunited with Daddy!
Last minute Friday night Pizza with the Selby's!

Post Nap extra curly curls

Last minute Uncle Poosch Visit to cheer on the Gopher's and crush Pizza!!

Cheek Squeezes!

So, as I mentioned my amazingly motivated inspiring friend, Liz, ran the Marathon! It was so much fun being able to track her and cheer for her!  I spotted her at mile 5 by Lake Calhoun and then mile 22 in Saint Paul!  I'm so incredibly proud of her accomplishment!  I don't know what my deal is, but the cheering, the runners, the whole bit just had me so emotional {I swear I'm not pregnant, I enjoyed mucho wine this weekend}. I think deep down in my bones I have a very small fire burning that wants me to run a marathon.  I know it isn't something I would do right now or even in a year, but I think it's on my bucket list. 

At any rate, FANTASTIC JOB LIZ, you are AMAZING!!!

She's the one with the big smile and the black vest, coming to say Hi!

The gross part is that the time between these pictures, I went to Target for a full on grocery run, went home unloaded, and a quick return at Old Navy and then a drive to Saint Paul and she was running that entire time!! So freaking amazing!!

We ended the weekend with a delicious meal and wonderful company with our Neighbor's 5 doors down, the Norton's :)

Sweet Little Lila

Don't be fooled by her sweet smile, if she wasn't falling down the stairs she was refusing to eat at the table...oh almost 2 year olds, if only you could reason with them :)

The Big Girls!
Happy Monday!!

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