Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

We didn't head to Alex until Saturday morning.  Sally doesn't get home until 4:15 and Reid had to work and we didn't feel like sitting in traffic...road construction season!

Friday night we took a walk to say Hello to the Horses!

We were on the road Saturday morning by 7:30! I was pretty impressed!

We were excited to meet baby Madden!!

Emma was the biggest baby hog!

We had a fun kickball game!

Then we quickly hit up the mini carnival in town, before the rain hit

 Giant Slide...with wet bags, didn't go so well

Dizzy Dragon
 Then we came home for Birthday Celebrations!
 After 5 O'clock Mass, we had a wonderful meal the best Ribs we've ever had!

Matchy Match! Curly hair and Green Shirts

Breakfast on the front step

She's getting bigger and bigger every day
 Sally maybe got too much sunscreen...

Horse rides
 Giddy Up
 The Ladies Cookin' in the kitchen.  They played so well together

The Boys, shootin' hoops

We headed to Parkers to visit Great Grandma Gen!  Generational photo...clearly Emma was a little clingy

We lured Emma in to Joan's lap with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Watching Memorial Day Memorials
 Checking out the Memorial Day Parade
 Thank you Nana and Grandpa for a wonderful weekend!!
 We hit the road late morning.  We stopped to see Meggers' new house and deliver her birthday present--so fun seeing you!

And we wanted to avoid the crazy holiday traffic.  We made it home for nap time and a little afternoon sprinkler play time!

 Emma was napping for some of it and wasn't too sure about it once she woke up

Happy Kick-Off to Summer!!

2 days left of school!

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