Friday, May 27, 2016


Happy Friday and Holiday weekend!!

We had a super duper week!  Daddy was off Wednesday and Thursday for school events and because he had a few days to use before June.  It was great fun having him around!

Soooooooo we may have had some beginners luck, but Miss Emma is a pretty regular pooper in the morning.  In fact, if we're going out and about I can tell her to go and she will.  Her pediatrician said, if we wanted to try the toilet a little her and there....similar to when Libby was this age.  Well the other day at Breakfast she told me she had to go so I decided to put her on the toilet, sure enough we had a successful trip!!

She was so excited to see how proud her sisters were!

She's looking older and older!
 Mama was so proud she gave her her very own poptart!  We had another successful trip to the bathroom this morning, all guided by her!

Since there is no more pre-school for the year, we got together with Ali and her mom, Jodi for a little play date!

 Squirt Squirt Squirt! Can't wait to get this girl in a pool or a lake soon!
 Thanks Auntie Jenny for the cute suit!
 Wednesday, the first graders had a surprise Butterfly Party.  Throughout the year when they would read a book they would fill out a circle and hang it around the room.  The class created a caterpillar.  While they were at Wednesday Mass, a few volunteers and I helped to sort the circles and decorate for a butterfly party.  They started the year as caterpillar readers and bloomed into beautiful confident butterfly readers!  Sally's reaction when she walked in to the surprise.  She was excited because Daddy got to surprise her twice in one day.  They also had a Dads at the door to start the morning.  I love our school!!
 We're so proud of our super duper reader!
 Mommy loves when she can surprise her!
 Little Sister got to be in on the story.  Littlest sister and Daddy took a little walk so they didn't distract anyone :)
 Daddy surprised the squirrels one more with double nerf guns...that'll teach them to stay away from his Cardinal Bird Food...or something like that
 We got to sneak away Wednesday to go visit Kyle and Laura and meet their new baby GIRL! Clara Catherine!! We're so excited for them.  Congratulations Gearman Family, she's perfect!
 Yesterday was Sally's 1st grade picnic!  A beautiful day and fun celebration!!

 Sally killed it during the bear crawl portion of the relays :)

After Libby's swimming we got to swing by Camp Tanadoona to meet some of the summer counselors.  Sally cannot wait until it's time for camp!!
 After mowing the lawn, I snapped a few pictures of our pretty flowers blooming on our vines.  They seem like Hawaiian flowers to me :)

 Last Friday of First Grade! Sally and Kate were matchy match this morning at the bus stop :)

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!  We're excited to spend it with Family!!

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