Monday, May 9, 2016

Celebrate Good times

We celebrate the gorgeous weather all week, which coincided with the Spring Trees in full bloom!

We celebrated Fiesta of the Arts at the Girls' school

Sally's artwork, I think they had to create an animal or something

 Libby's Purple Rain
 and her portrait of Prince
 Selfie station, minus the selfie or a zoomed in photo ;)
 Elsa made an appearance. Dude man in the back is pretty impressed

Celebrating our new scene while waiting for Sally's bus
 Celebrating our first "suit up" stripes on stripes on stripes
 Trying to get a decent picture of all 3, but there's a certain little run away
 water fights
 Emma finding something more interesting
 Reid and the girls were pretty excited to spot Cardinals eating Daddy's Cardinal Bird Food!

 Celebrating Cinco de Mayo on the Patio, guac, monster cookie bars and Margaritas!
 Was such a beautiful night.  Thanks for coming over Lyndsay and Kari!

One last picture while it was in full bloom, I really wish they lasted longer!
 Spying on a butterfly
 She loves the water, no matter the temperature!

 Kicking off Sally's Birthday weekend...still trying to get a decent picture of all 3
 Dancing in the pool
 She was almost 7 (it was Friday)
 Daddy's home!  Emma pushed the Bigs out of the way to get to Daddy first
 Sally got to have a birthday party with friends on Saturday.  She was allowed to invite as many people as the age she was turning, so 7.  Two weren't able to make it.  She was so excited! I'm glad we haven't had big parties up until this point.  She really gets it and was so excited about it.  If she had always had it, I don't know if it would have meant as much.  We kept it simple, as we usually do.  Too much takes me away from actually enjoying it, so we do little meaningful things.  That's what works for us :)

Sitting waiting for the clock to strike 10:30 and for her friends to arrive.

 Simple, yet, memorable!
 Love making her feel special
 We played a little BINGO. Sally was the caller and the winners got to pick out prizes I had picked up from Target Dollar Spot.  Thank you Nana and Grandpa for letting us borrow your BINGO set!
 Her friends
 Pizza from Costco, Sally's request
 I love the innocent excitement when they realize Happy Birthday is sung for them!
 She wanted a DQ ice cream cake.  We went to order it last week, she designed it all herself, at least the idea of it, but they decorated it.
I also made a scavenger hunt with pictures.  It was things around our house and it was zoomed in.  The girls had to try and figure out where it was in the house.

We also played Pie Face, if they got "pied" they got to give Sally their present.  Then a little Headbanz while we waited for the parents to arrive.  It went VERY well!!

Celebrating the Kentucky Derby
 Picture perfect night!! Sally was wiped from her party and then she had another birthday party later that afternoon to go to, so she hung back to shower and get ready for bed.  The littles and I went for a walk.  A minute after this picture, Libby realized she really had to pee.  She quickly learned how to become a country girl ;)
 Sunday morning, Sally's actual birthday.  She woke up to a scavenger hunt before we headed to Mass.  She was surprised with an American Girl Doll from Grandma and George!!!
 Meet MaryEllen
 Celebrating Mother's Day too! My girls, giving me my mom title
 My sweet Sally Ann
 Gosh do I love her! 7 years ago we were getting discharged from the hospital and it was Mother's Day.  One of the greatest days of my life.  So very grateful to be her mom!
 Swinging with Ellie
 She was just sitting and staring so I snuck a picture
 Learning more about her new bestie
 another exciting gift she got from her parents and sisters.  Dino eggs!

Grandma and George were able to stop by for dinner and then we walked downtown to the social to get some ice cream.  Seriously, how perfect was yesterday's weather (and all last week?!)

Thanks Grandma and George for stopping by!

I remembered to grab her candle so she could blow it out one last time.  May all your wishes come true, sweet girl.

 Sisters, off exploring
 The perfect ending to a really great day.  Love love LOVE our little town and where we've ended up.  So very thankful for it all!

I love a little rain after a streak of nice days.  Allows me to get things done around the house and not feel guilty for not being outside :)

Thank you to Delores for coming this morning to hang out with the Littles so I could go and have lunch with Sally and read a story to her class and hand out "light up yo-yos" another Sally request.  Thanks Delo!!

Happy happy!

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