Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pretty Trees

Allergies are off the wall ca-ray-ze, but I guess at least we have pretty trees to look at :)  We've been taking full advantage of these beautiful Fall days!

I was reminded that last year we didn't get much of a Spring, I guess it rained and rained and rained and then went right to hot and humid...I guess I don't remember.

We got some flowers to give to our awesome teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week!  The Bee stuck in our window was not very happy with us, I guess.  Ultimate torture, can you spot the Bee?

Mini mom moments I don't want to forget.  The big cheekers learning to blow bubbles, even if my hand is all sticky by the end of it ;)

We were waiting for Sally's bus. I asked: Emma, can you stand over there and Mommy can take a picture of you by the pretty tree?

 Can I touch it?
 Still watching, Mom?
 I see sumting
 Perty tree
 Hey, it scratched me!
 Sisters found the spot all on their own too!

Picture perfect night, if only it was a summer night and we could have let them stay out a little longer

 Ready to take on the day and do awesome at Daycare so Mommy can enjoy her group!

 3rd little lady to rock Tiff's instiches skirt, she got compliments all the day long!

 Enjoy another beautiful day!

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