Monday, May 16, 2016

Makin' My Dreams Come True

Hello! Happy Monday! The sun is back and shining!! Yahoooo

Catching up from last week.  We had lots of low key with the weather being gray and gloomy.  I kind of liked it.

Not the picture perfect picture, but for some reason I love it.  Baby Girl is loving the lap reading as of late...I'll take it!

Another weird picture angle or something, but love my little swimmer!  She was instructed to move up a level next time we register her.  She loves putting her face under!!
 LJ can be a bit timid about new things.  Sally got hatch and grown dinos for her birthday. Libby was terrified to touch them.  I made her face her fears, she was glad I did.  It's part of being a parent, right? Knowing when you need to push and knowing when you need to take a step back?
 Her favoritest things of all things! Painting pictures for her  teachers.  Her last day is THURSDAY!!
 We invited my sibs and their sigs and kids over for a BBQ on Saturday.  It was scheduled when we got our first bit of nice patio weather.  When we saw the forecast, I created a back up plan :)
Sally's new trick

We had a double date with the Schoenbergs on Friday.  We met at the shooting range in Rogers and then out to dinner.  So great to see them and catch up, we're very similar and it's another couple that it's so easy to spend time with.  Can't wait for another double date!
 The ladies
 The husbands
 Reid was impressed I wanted to shoot Kayla's Dad's revolver :)
 Mr. & Mrs.
 It was a bit chilly Saturday morning, but at least the sun was shining!

Makes my heart happy when we're all together just hangin'. Grandma and George will join next weekend when they take the grandkids to the Okee Dokee Borthers' concert!

They all played sooooooo well!

Thanks for coming Nash Fam and Moran Fam!
 We scored our neighbors' double burley.  I've been looking for one for a while.  There are so many trails and paths to explore around here.  With Emma and LJ in the burley we can cover a lot of ground!

Emma helping Daddy clean it out
 My people
 Makin my Dreams come true! Cannot wait for summer nights when the girlies can stay up a little later!!

Happy Sunshiny Week!

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