Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sally's 1st Grade Mass

It was Sally's 1st grade class' turn for their school's weekly Mass.

The students got to volunteer for the parts that they would like to do.  I was proud of her for being willing to do a reading and a petition.  Love that she doesn't know stage fright, and I hope she never does!!

A HUGE thank you to Caroline and Theo for hanging out with Emma.  Daddy had a conference downtown and I wanted to be able to record it, so I thought it best to leave youngest behind.  Libby came and was so proud of her big sister!

Singing her little heart out

 Nailed it!

So proud of her bravery
 More singing
 Petition time
 She's an old pro, ready to be a regular Lector like her Grandma Peggy

 "Mom, you're going to want to listen to our song at the end.  I bet it will make you cry Happy Tears."

It sure did!

 Big Hugs and High Fives after the Mass
 So proud of my Firstie!
 Her class getting ready to deliver the donations to P.R.O.P {People Reach Out to People}

and that's a wrap!

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