Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a great time up at Grandma and George's for Thanksgiving.  It was nice to get a change of scenery as I feel like we haven't been out much since Miss Emma was born.  Lots of new faces each day with visitors, but nice to pack up and not have house work to do.

Thank you Grandma and George for all of the delicious meals, we appreciate you!

Snuggles before hitting the road

Enjoying being able to type her Thanksgiving note :)

First road trip as a family of FIVE!

Emma slept the whole way there!

Their favorite spot and game with Daddy...top bunk

Daddy/Daughter Time


Emma fell asleep while her sisters were snuggling with her

Once in a blue moon, mommy gets a picture

Games in front of the fire place

Snuggles with Joey and Emily

Picking her spot on the board for a little Football Gambling

Back rub chain

Selfie fun

Lunch time!

Emma even smiled for the picture

Mr & Mrs.

Game time

Kisses from the Cook
 Mommy's tradition, too bad I'm a few too many years old :)
 Our Thanksgiving Feast, so very much to be Thankful for!
 Emma was at the meal too, she just slept the whole time
 Kisses for Daddy

Smiles with Emily

Smiles for Grandma.  Notice Emma's place card, Sally made one for each person

 Party of Five

Craigmile Crew
 Our Beautiful Girls!

Loved Emma's expression in this one


Mmmm Grasshopper Drinks
 More back rub chain

Making their Christmas List to Santa
 "Sally's list for Santa:
Bow and arrow
Elsa Dress
Puppy with a wand
a pen that helps you read"
 Doughnut run!
 Lazy Day Game Day
 Snuggles with Emily

Cutie Pie
 Sister Snuggles
 Sister Stripes
 Meeting Santa's Reindeer
 Waiting to see Mr & Mrs Claus

Checking out an Old Fashioned Church with Grandma
 Cannot get enough of this sweet girl
 Kisses and smiles with Mommy
 Cheering for the Gophers


We got out the Christmas Decorations today, Sally and Libby loved listening to the book Nana and Grandpa recorded!

Happy Day Ya'll

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