Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life's Busy

There's not a whole lot of down time these days. Busy Busy Busy time of year

I get about 45 minutes to myself each day and the blog just doesn't quite make it to the top of my list of things I should do during those 45 minutes :)

Emma has been awake for longer periods throughout the day, allowing for some play time  and SMILES, lots and lots of smiles!

We got our Christmas Tree...slowly it was decorated throughout the week.  We still need to finish off the ribbon

I'm needed all at once my everyone around 3:15, the only way we've been able to make it work is the Ergo, thank you Mary, for borrowing it to us

Emma likes it!

Quick check up from Dr. Libby, can't believe she's turning THREE next week, where does the time go?
 Oh Mom, you so funny!

Decorating the Tree!
 Explaining where each ornament came from

Kari gave me the angel ornament five years ago as I was just about to begin my journey as a stay at home mom :) And then the Texas ornament in the background reminding me of the time Libby and I went out to visit the Martinsons!

Saint Nicholas came, as did the return of Rusty the Elf

My baby girl

Sleeping in her Christmas Jammies, Libby wore these too

Working on getting Emma to take the bottle. She took in no problem about a month ago...we should have stuck with it.  Daddy was able to get her to take a little by sneaking it in as she was just waking up.  We'll get there...
 Saturday mornings...

In Awe of the tree lights.  Love Christmas through innocent eyes!
 Sisters, love this picture Reid captured

Visiting Santa at church!  Libby's crazy smile and Sally's over-the-top dress choice.  Emma, cool as a cucumber

Santa Secrets

 Daddy and his Girls
 Mommy and her daughters, love Libby's look in this one

We had a date night on Saturday with Kari and Andy.  Celebrating Reid almost being done with grad school, our first night out since Emma and one last night out before Baby Martinson arrives!! So much to be thankful for. Thank you Andria and Kim for watching the girls and working on getting Emma to take the bottle!

So looking forward to regular date nights with my guy now that he's done with school!

Libby watching the Pilot get a car wash, a little field trip with Daddy

How cute is this growth chart?!  Kari made this as a gift for Emma. LOVE it! Thank you thank you talented Kari!!
 I finally finished Emma's letters and got them hung on the wall!

Sally's creativity-Elsa
 We've got a Super Star in our house this week! Sally is so excited it's finally her turn! We go in to have lunch with her and read a book to her class, tomorrow

 One of my favorite Holy Days, Immaculate Conception.  The girls were so good at Mass, Emma slept the whole time and Libby enjoyed snuggling on my lap.  Sally looked so sweet in her uniform sitting with her classmates
 More smiles!
 I wanted a then and now picture comparing Reid's first night of Grad school and his last night.

My time is running out as Libby is waking up in a few short minutes.  Long story short, REID IS DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! 3 1/2 years, 2 more kiddos and an MBA later, phew! What a road that was.  Glad it's now a memory!!!!
 Weeeeeeeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaaade it!! yahooooooooo!  We had this hanging for him when he got home last night and a little gift

Emma's pretty excited about it too! We love you BP!!

Happy Tuesday, Happy Advent!! Toodles

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