Thursday, December 18, 2014

Emma's 2 months!

Emma is already 2 months old!

She's full of smiles!! She's such a happy girl, unless it's bedtime.  She doesn't like when the day is over.  Once she's down she does a pretty good job of sleeping.  Usually a 6 hour stretch and then a 3 or 4 hour stretch and then a 2-3 hour stretch. 8pm-8am

She will sleep for days if she falls asleep in her car seat, but hasn't quite figured out napping for long periods of time in her room.  It's still early, it'll happen :)

She loves her swing too, thank you Nash Family for letting us borrow it!

Ummmm, she also has a tooth!! What the? Is this really my child? Her big sisters didn't pop teeth until they were almost one.  I noticed it right when she was born, but it wasn't all the way through.  You can now feel it with your finger.  hmmmm we'll see what happens there, so weird!

Her head is getting stronger and stronger and doesn't mind tummy time too much, as long as her sisters are near by.

She's getting better at taking the bottle, we'll keep working on it.  She's doesn't love her nuk, but we're still working on that too.

She loves her big sisters, and Daddy (her mom too, obviously ;)). She also loves her snuggly blanket right by her face to fall asleep.  I'm not surprised, as she was always so snuggled in when we saw her on the ultrasounds.  She's really close to a giggle, Shake it Off, might do the trick :)

We don't go in for her 2 month check up until she's 3 months, with the way the scheduling worked out, which I'm okay with.  We want to avoid the doctor's office at all costs this time of year.  Libby's cooking a 102 fever as we speak...tis the season!

We're still in love with all of her hair and chubber cheekers! Love you sweet Bugaboo! What a blessing you are!!

**Some day I'll get the slideshow up of her newborn pictures...

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