Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Emma overload

This morning we woke up with no fevers in the craigmile crew house! Phew!  Slowly but surely we'll get there...

Warning, there are a lot of pictures of Emma as I was hiding away with her, keeping her from her sick big sisters...

Before the sickness hit.  She's looking older and older every day, but I still catch glimpses of babyhood, like those chubber cheeks :)

 Thank you Crosby for my awesome slippers that actually stay on, you rock! I hope you're enjoying your time in MN!
 Giggles under the tree

So Happy
 Afternoon snuggles and smiles
 Bedtime Christmas stories
 Sally decided to teach herself how to write her name in cursive...exactly how she sees me do it...
 Smiles for Daddy
 She woke up to some wonderful news about her Uncle Joey and soon to be Auntie Emily!
 Trains with Daddy...you can see the sickness seeping in to their eyes...
 Mama got to sneak away for some Mani/Pedi time with the ladies!

Mom, how long do I have to stay away from the rest of the family?

 Ray of sunshine on these gloomy grey days!
 Christmas Toes!
 Uncle Joey got down on one knee and Emily said, YES!!
 So happy for these two! I'll be gaining a wonderful sister-in-law in no time! Welcome to the Moran Family, Emily, we're so glad you said yes! Joey hit the jackpot ;) Can't wait for wedding planning fun! xxo

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! Stay healthy, it's a war zone out there, eeeeeeek!

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