Friday, December 19, 2014


Sally had her all school Christmas Program last weekend.  She did us proud.  She was so sweet singing from the heart and knowing all of the actions to go with it.  We are so happy with our choice to send her to a Catholic School.  What an awesome community we are a part of.  I teared up a few times.  So thankful to be able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birth!

Libby sat through the whole thing with no complaints.  She was so proud of her big sister.  One time they caught each other's eyes and waved at each other, it was so sweet!...Emma slept the whole time ;)

 Love the little hand on the lap

The program is in Benilde's gym.  Sally is on the right side, second row up in the middle.  I have a bunch of video from this, but not sure if I'm allowed to post because it is a school function, I'm probably not supposed to post pictures either...Let me know if you want to see video and I'll send you the private links :)

So proud!

Libby had her little dance class recital.  She was the best one in her class...she listens so well! She's ready for school, Mama's just not ready to let her sweet girl go :(

Even Daddy was able to make it!
 While all the other kids were running around like crazy, this little sweetheart just sat and listened to every direction, like a good little girl!

Big Kicks

I'll post her video, so entertaining that she's the only one following all of the instructions :)

Hi Mom, Hi Dad

So proud!

Phew, is it January yet? :)

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