Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Birthday Celebrations!

We had a fun day of celebrating Libby and making sure she got to do all of her favorite things.  Mama's wiped out, thus our recovery day today of staying in jammies, going nowhere and cleaning the house!

Three really is harder than two, but it is also a magical age.  Libby really understood what it meant to celebrate a birthday and had so much fun that we were celebrating her!

Some pictures I took before her birthday to get one for the slideshow, I was able to finally post yesterday...I hope it stays up :)

Three, Grandpa, did you teach her how to do 3 or did she do this all on her own? :)
  3 years old, 3 feet tall

 Her selfie

We got to celebrate a little early on Sunday night at Pizza Luce, with Joey and Emily.  Thank you for the adorable outfits, you guys!  The purple dress above and the dress she wore on her birthday are some of those :)

Her Godfather. Love that he picked out the princess gift bag.  He also included a roll of quarters, a favorite gift of the girls'

Birthday Dessert!

We set her clock a little earlier so that we would be able to do the birthday scavenger hunt before the bus came for Sally.

 From Nana and Grandpa

From Sally and Emma

Grandma and George's gift was down by a note from Rusty!
 Elsa shoes from Mommy and Daddy

Elsa dress from Mommy and Daddy

We were going to skip the whole Frozen theme for Christmas and her Birthday, but she loves it so much.  My sister also made a good point.  There are few toys kids will play with over and over and over, but dress up clothes is always a good buy!

Here's Elsa with her "long braid" and all!

Love my Sweetheart

 "Now I'll give you a kiss, Mom!"
 First stop was Trader Joe's so she could push a little cart and pick out her afternoon snack.  When they found out it was her birthday they gave her a pink flower!

Next stop was Cub to pick out a doughnut and a balloon

When we got home to eat her doughnut and quickly feed Emma she said, "well that was sure fun!" Makes it all worth it when they really appreciate it!

 "Can I do my trains really quick before we go meet daddy?"

 Big Beautiful Brown Eyes

 HUGE hit! Trumped princess stuff, all day.  She and Sally enjoyed it once Sally got home too!
 Downtown to meet Daddy for lunch.  I always forget how much I dislike going downtown, too much hustle and bustle and I stress to make sure we don't stick out more than we already do...
 The moment she spotted her Daddy

 "I have to go potty"
 After naps I  had a tea party all set up and ready to play, another of her favorites
 We had chicken nuggets and mac n cheese for dinner, her request.  We read her cards, listened to messages, and had phone calls.  Thank you for all that thought of her on her special day, we appreciate it!

Innocence, birthday wishes!
And just like that another year had flown by :(

Happy Birthday Sweet girl, you are so very special to us! Love you like crazy!!

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