Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last Weekend

We had a busy and fun weekend, last weekend.

I didn't get any pictures, but on Friday, our college friends were in town and stopped over to meet Emma.  They also brought dinner and an adorable Christmas Dress for Emma.  So sweet!!

Thanks for coming Shawn, Kayla and Joe!!

Chubber Cheekers
 Shakin' it off! Emma was on the verge of a giggle when I turned Shake it off on, I think she remembers hearing it so often before she was born!
 Saturday morning we got haircuts!

She's making sure I'm not telling them to cut it too short, oh this girl and her hair...

We've still got a little curl after her cut!
 They have a large wall of chalk board, here's Sally's message and she's holding a lollipop!

 The Thompson Family was in town from Portland.  The Petersons were nice enough to host all of us coming together to hang out.  Emma made the cut, as we're still working on the bottle...she took 2 this weekend!! Yahoo!

Thank you CeCe for coming over to babysit the big girls, you did a fabulous job and they had a great time.  We were very impressed!

Deli, getting some smiles from Emma!
 The boys and their babies :)
 Crosby, what a cutie!
 Deli had his hands full with the twins :)  They are such good little boys!!
 Alex boys, missing Kyle!

Rusty left a note for the girls that Mommy needed to check her e-mail.  The annual email from Santa, they were in awe!

We got a cute Christmas gift from Sally that she insisted we open now :)

Our little snowlady ;)
 Big sister would still love to hold baby sister all day every day :)

It was a good weekend!  Sally also had her Christmas program for school and Libby had her dance recital on Monday, I'll post about those next time I get a chance.  As well as Miss Emma's 2 months!!

Have a splendid day!


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