Friday, December 12, 2014


Phew! We made it to Friday.  I'm having one of those moments where there is so much to do, but I don't know where to start so I'll just do what I know, I'll blog :)


I wasted an hour and a half today working with a centurylink service person to try and fix our didn't get fixed.  Instead of throwing my computer out the window I shut it down, made lunch for Libby said a few prayers and was able to figure it out on my own.  BUT I didn't get what I wanted and needed to get done today.  Sigh...might as well Blog, right?! :)

I think we're done with the "honeymoon" baby phase and we officially have 3 things and things are a little more trickier to get done now.  It's just a phase, we'll make it through, the house just might not look as put together through this phase.  And I'm not sure I'll get Christmas cookies made, guess it'll just help lose the pregnancy weight? Sigh

Sally loved being super star this week! It was very fun to go in to her classroom and put some faces to the names we hear so often!  Have I said how much I love our school choice for her?!

Libby turns 3 next week, how did that happen?! I'm going to be registering her for preschool in a few weeks.  What the?!

I'm happy to report I did get to finish the ribbon on the tree last night
Such a sweet girl building a tower while she waits for me to finish nursing Emma so we can go to Sally's school

Lunch time! Was so fun our friends Emily and Joe were going to have lunch with Evelyn too, so we all got to sit together.

Reading 7 Silly Eaters

Her corner of the room, she picked out the items and the pictures :)
 Enjoying her Candy Cane that she shared with the class

Emma would have slept the whole time, but we had promised Sally she would get to show her class how she gets to hold her.  She didn't mind being woked up, she even smiled for the family picture, now we just need to teach her not to blink during pictures  :)

Last night I got out for a few minutes (more than that, just felt like minutes, since I'm on the clock for feedings...)to meet up with the Moms from Libby's ECFE class last year

K, I really do need to get some stuff done, both girls are sleeping and I should take full advantage.

Happy Birthday to Grandpa Joe today! Have a wonderful weekend! Toodles

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  1. Oh hey! I know that pretty dress! Best flower girl ever! :) <3