Thursday, February 6, 2014


The other night when I got home from my birthday bash, these two "scrolls" were sitting on my night stand.  One last birthday wish from my little ladies, compliments of our sitter!!

Nana and Grandpa had fun spending Saturday with the girls!  They brought down some of the Kansas Joergers girls' hand-me-down clothes.  The pink coat was a big hit!! Thank you Joergers, for sharing with our girls!!


After Mass on Sunday we had a delicious and relatively relaxing brunch.  The girls are at pretty good ages to go out to eat!

Coloring with Nana

That side of the table

This side of the table :)

All together now!
Thank you for all of your Valentine Goodies for the girls and extra love!!

Yesterday the girls shouted, "Hey mom, come take a picture of us hugging!"

Outfits, compliments of Sally!  Matching Minnie shirts with a turtleneck.
Monday morning Libby and I got to hang out with Kari and Haddie.  We met at the Library for story time and then ended the morning with some Jersey Mike's subs!  She got me the cutest birthday present, it was all matching and all personalized.  A large tote, cooler and wallet all from 31 gifts! We'll be the most stylish family at the pool this summer!

She also knows my love for candy and got me a candy jar: Kissing my 20's good-bye :)

Thank you Martinsons, I love it all and have even transferred my wallet over already!!

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