Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pretending it's Summer

We're getting sleep again, everyone is happy :)

Libby took to the antibiotic and it's working it's magic.  Thank the Lord!

We also got dumped on with more snow and the temperatures have dropped yet again.  Someone said they heard on the news this is the most snow we've had on the ground since 1981.  Wowzers!

Grandma Peggy risked her life to come down on Friday.  She got a hotel room for us to come and enjoy the pool benefits and then she kept the Bigs for a slumber party!

Sally had a blast! She was super excited to test out her new goggles!! She was a fish in the pool!

Thank you Grandma for giving us a nice little break from this never ending winter.

They were only a little bit excited!
Loving her goggles!

Pretending it's summer

Grandma deserved a beer or 4 after her 4 hour drive down!!

Pizza Par-tay

Each Big was supposed to bring their favorite book and favorite game.  Sally brought Zingo!

The Bigs

Each kidlet got a turn to take a picture, this was Lucy's turn

Thanks Grandma for the awesome memories!

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