Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last Week

I don't want to forget about a few other photos from last week! 

Last Tuesday was another coooooooooold day

Tea Party complete with Oyster Crackers!

Wednesday was nice enough to get outside and get some fresh air!! We remembered we had neighbors again!!

This picture cracks me up


Libby knows her colors well enough to make the cut for Candy Land!

Sally's teachers attended a conference on Friday which meant Sally got to go to Libby's school.  It was nice to let Libby be the focus of attention for once!

The girls love to make Valentine's, but they love to cut even more.  They sat here for almost 30 minutes just cutting scraps of paper.  They even cleaned up after themselves when they were done

Reid's cousin is the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies! He bought a suite for his family to enjoy, on Friday, while they played the Timberwolves.  Dave was also named Coach of the Month this month!

After the game his wife lead the crew down to the court to congratulate Dave.  We couldn't all fit in a regular elevator so they brought us to the freight elevator, it was quite comical!

Notice the sign :)

You can certainly tell they are cousins!
I was alarmed that the video of the girls singing happy birthday was private, so I made sure to switch that for you :)

**Sally was making a fort under our bar chairs and all of a sudden she popped up on top of them.

M: Woah, where did you come from, Sally?

S: I popped up from that little space and raised up.  Just like Jesus!

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