Thursday, February 27, 2014

A little Bit of This & A little Bit of That

Weird, it's below zero today.

Here is what we've been trying to enjoy lately:

Front row seats to a private concert!

"I think we should talk about it." Sisters trying to get along :)

A successful dentist visit

Cavity Free!
 Libby watched intently! She declared she's not ready for her turn yet.  We'll wait until she's 3, just like we did with Sally.

"Hey Mom, can we have curly hair today?"

We needed a change of pace and TO GET OUT, so we had a lunch date with Daddy!

And now Mommy's enjoying a peaceful nap time! 

Tomorrow's the last day of February.  And THEN will we get some weather relief?! PPPPPAAAAWWWWLEEEEEEEEEASE?!

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