Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Making a Comeback!

We're making a comeback folks!  Libby woke up and was acting like her old spunky self today!

I decided yesterday that enough was enough and I needed to bring her in to make sure all was okay.  I needed the peace of mind that her lungs were in good shape. A week plus of no sleep and no naps is long enough.

She has an ear infection, probably a double.  The Doctor saw it on one year and didn't want to bother her by checking the other.  This is a first at our house.  We've never had one of those before.  She never complained about her ear hurting, I would even ask her if her ear hurt, among other things.  Tough cookie!

The Doctor assured me that it probably has not been there since all of this started, that it recently developed with all of the drainage going on "behind the scenes."  They are more prone to them at a younger age because their ear canals aren't fully developed and are very close to something or other.  I was just glad to have an answer!

We text Daddy to keep him up to date before we headed to pick up her Amoxicillin prescription.  Daddy informed us that he's allergic to amoxicillin.  I guess it can be hereditary so we have to keep a close eye to make sure L doesn't develop any sort of a rash.  So far so good!

She's been taking the medicine like a champ.  Remember, Libby HATES taking medicine.  "Listen Libby, the Doctor said you MUST take this, so you have two choices.  You take in on your own or mommy forces it."  She decided to do it herself. Girlfriend knows when Mommy means business.

She asked to go to bed at 5:30 last night.  It wasn't her worst night, but we are FAR from getting back to normal. 

We had one of the most peaceful mornings we've had in a very long time.  Libby actually ate.  Both girls listened and followed directions the first time and I even had time to eat before rushing off to drop Sally off at school.

Here's some proof that she's coming back.

"I need bring my sun gasses to Target.  It sunny in there!"

A few Sallyisms:

At school they went around and asked each student what love is.  Sally said "Love is making a picture for my sister."  Love that!!

She recently found out that she gets to go to a hotel with Grandma and her cousins on Friday.  She knows there will be some swimming involved and she's been wanting to test out some goggles.  "Mom, do you think you could put some goggles on Facebook to see what stores have them?"  Ruh roh! Too much bookin!

A mom dropped her son off late to school and she stuck around for a little bit to watch and listen.  When we went to pick our kidlets up today she told me she had a story about Sally from circle time.

The class was trying to figure out what the word of the day was.  They knew it started with the letter P and that it was the name of the leader of our country.  Sally boldly raised her hand.  When she was called on she said "The Pope!"  Good answer!!!

We got to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday and plan to again today after naps!

"Hey Mom, can you throw me in the snow?!"
Happy Hump Day!

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