Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's been a full week since we've been cough free at our house. 

Sunday night-Friday night Libby would wake crying at least 5 times throughout each night.  It was like having a newborn again.  She wasn't hurting, she was just frustrated.  She was and is miserable.

Sometimes she'd have a fever and sometimes she wouldn't.  She HATES taking medicine and hasn't had much of an appetite since Wednesday.  It's been pretty fun hanging with a sick, coughing, frustrated, tired, hungry toddler.

Sally wanted to join the coughing party, so she was laid up pretty much most of Thursday, but she had a quick recovery! She was back at school on Friday.

This lasted all of 5 minutes until she started coughing.  This shows how tired she really is because she can usually only sleep in her crib

We've improved some in that Libby still coughs throughout the night, but has only been crying out one or two times.

We have the nice convenience of being able to email our pediatrician. She said it sounds like a virus that just needs to run it's course.  Unless she spikes another fever, there's no need to bring her in.

I think this was from Tuesday, a warmer day that we actually got out for a walk to get some fresh air and clear the lungs!

Miss Kari knew I needed some cheering up and surprised me with my favorite Caribou Order!  Thank you Kari, you're the best!!

We're asking for a rain check for Valentine's Day, as we usually go out to Famous Dave's for dinner, but we were feeling less than the best

She tries so hard to feel better

Our sick little love bugs!
We were thankful that Cousin Thomas stopped by to visit this weekend and change up our long, coughing days :)

Missed you Erin!

The girls showing off their new jammies.

Mommy got these for Sally as I felt bad she wasn't getting much attention with me having to constantly "nuggle" Libby so she wouldn't walk around crying and hacking up a lung.

She was in need of another pair of jammies.  They're a little big, but very snuggly!

L-Train can finally fit in her jammies that she got from Nana and Gpa a while back

**Remembering last Saturday when we were cough free, getting sleep and loving life!

Hoping for some sleep tonight as mommy is on the verge of having it or kicking it!

**Happy President's Day!

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