Monday, September 28, 2015

Pope was in America!

How awesome was it having some uplifting news last week?

We were glued to anything and everything that had to do with the Pope

We took a quick little break to go celebrate Delores' Birthday!  We also got to see her again today, as she watched the two youngest while I went to a dentist appointment.  I kept my SLP dentist to give us an excuse to go back to the old hood at least twice a year :)
The girls' animals need breakfast too.  Love their imaginations
Littlest learner, loving school!
How awesome was the Pope's Speech! I also loved watching how choked up Boehner was!
Sally's school had their Marathon on Friday.  Sally's main goal was to get a picture with Hornet, the school Mascot.  Libby was terrified!

This little lady sure is a champ at going with the flow!
Thank you Grandparents for your donations for our Catholic School Girls!
We got to go to dinner and dessert with Grandpa on Friday.  It was a beautiful evening to sit out by the fire.  Dr. Libby also gave him a quick check-up :)
Sally made the cut and was invited to her first Gopher Game
I promised Libby a few extra things, like a soft pretzel from the mall!

Emma spots it
Emma goes for it :)
It's the little things...
Daddy was so very proud to bring Sally to the game.  Did you watch it? How awesome was the 4th quarter.  As you know, our Sally is quite a passionate little lady.  She was so excited and proud to be there.  Her cheering was contagious to all of the fans around her.  Reid said her excitement made everyone cheer louder.  He got teary-eyed to see the genuine excitement in her when the team ran out on the field and the marching band was playing.  Definitely a dream come true on both ends.  Sally claims it to be one of the best days of her life :)

Another favorite for Libby, tea party, on her new picnic table, thanks Nana and Grandpa!
She's been waiting for a long time to make the cut ;)

The Martinson Ladies came over for a quick pizza party date! So fun to see what our Fall/Winter is going to look like! Miss Haddie was VERY excited to play dress up with Libby and Libby was VERY excited to be the oldest for once :)
Performing on the stage ;)
Then Sally and Reid came home and became Baby Hogs ;)  Miss Aubrey is just the sweetest little thing.  She and Emma are going to have some great fun!
Libby helping Haddie get "suited up"  Thanks for coming to play ladies, we can't wait to have you back again soooooooooooon!
Libby's last extra special, Fro-Yo with Mama, minus the fro-yo, extra on the candies :)

Meanwhile, Daddy took the other ladies for a walk

Flat Francis is the latest hit, our church was passing them out after Mass and asking for family selfies, as to where Flat Francis was taken :)
Thank you for the pretty patio lights, Nana and Grandpa!
How awesome was the Super Duper Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse?

And then at dawn :)

Make it a great week, it's almost October already!!

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  1. No doubt that Sally's cheering took the gophers down the field for the winning TD!!!!