Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sally's First day of 1st Grade!

She's officially a firstie (Mom, our teacher has a nickname for us, firsties)

"Dear Lord, us my eyes to see new friends.

Same uniforms as our old school, YAY!

Open my ears to hear my teacher.

Open my mind to learn new things.

Love this picture, She chose the location and the pose :)
Let my heart remember You are near when I'm afraid.

Help me to love others like you do.

Check out last year's first day selfie--HERE--
I want to shine your light so bright in my school." Amen

-Courtney DeFeo

Sally had an awesome first day of school.  I only got a little teary-eyed as we quickly jumped in the car to follow her bus to school, to walk her in.  Teary-eyed because I'm so very proud of my girl. She was so excited to start school, and a new school at that! She hasn't complained once about the move or having to leave her friends.  She truly trusts in the Lord and her parents and loves to learn and meet new people.  I'm so very proud of my girl!

Her sisters weren't as excited that she was leaving :)

Love that you can see Reid and I in the reflection :)

But then Libby remembered she might see Sally at school when she's there for pre-school

It's pretty amazing having the bus come an hour and 15 minutes later than it did last year.  We are still very lucky that it picks up and drops off right outside our house.  So fun to have neighbors riding on the bus as well.  She's the last one picked up in the morning and the first dropped off, so that's nice she's not wasting so much time on the bus.

It was Daddy's "first" day too.  He accepted a new role at Best Buy...making his mark already, very proud of him as well!! He was able to have a late start to join in the first day of school festivities.

She made it off the bus, still all smiles! Was fun to drop her off in her classroom

30 minutes later at the same school, Libby got to have her meet and greet in preschool!  Poor Emmers, it was right during her nap time.  She was a champ and did fall asleep in the ergo!
She can't wait to officially start next week!
 We're pretty excited to learn that they do car drop off and pick up.  I don't have to get out of the car, or bring Emma in or out.  The teacher greet Libby and will load her up.  Rainy days and cold winter days will be a dream come true!
 Libby remembered the tradition of first day of school chocolate chip cookies.  She kept it a secret for a whole week, I was impressed.
Thanks for the adorable outift, Meggers!
 So excited she gets BOTH beaters all to herself

What a great school year we're about to have!

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