Friday, September 18, 2015


Whoop Whoop It's Friday!  Daddy's also home after being in Cali all week for work. Aaaaaaaaand Mama is hosting a girls night! TGIF!!

A few pictures from BP while he was in Cali

Last week I mentioned Ed, our handyman, was here moving our island.  Here's the final product.

This was the dinner that night.  Love that we have our family dinner table back and lots and lots of counter space for extra helpers :)  Ed does GREAT work!

I had to bring LJ along with me on a quick return to see if she needed the next size up in her new jacket I bought for her.  A lady who was at the same store noticed and loved Libby's Gopher Cheerleader outfit so she randomly gave Libby her Gerbera Daisy.  Libby was a BIG fan.  How sweet! We'll be sure to pay the random act of kindness forward! There IS good in this world!
 Saturday night was our Parish and School's Party.  The girls got to meet Elsa and Anna :)
 We also got to try the Subzero Ice Cream (as seen on Shark Tank) YUM!!
 Our fun fire pit arrived.  Libby helped Reid put it together!
 Mommy and Daddy tested it out after the kiddos went to bed ;)
 The girls were extra well behaved this week while Reid was gone.  YAY YAY YAY! This was the scene I came out to see after putting Emma to bed.

 Amazing behavior equals S'Mores!
 Love Libby's new abilities in her drawings :)
 Tuesday Night was Curriculum night for Sally's school.  A BIG thank you to Joey and Emily for tackling dinner and bedtime with our 3 girls so I could attend!

Once again, it hit me that I was the mom! I still have these moments periodically.  I think because I started out as a teacher, it's hard to transition to being the parent.  Took me a while to remember I was indeed the parent, not the teacher or aunt or babysitter.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE Sally's 1st grade teacher!

Note: her favorite color is r and b and w.  Red, Blue and White.  Patriotic little lady ;)

Another "Make yourself cry" poem :)

Before Sally went to bed the other night she said "Mom, don't look at the art table, I'm not finished with it yet.  It's for Valentine's Day, so where can I put it until then?"  I had to peek...
 I love her!
 Brought out the next size up for Emma's clothes.  Found a little Matchy Match!

Libby is a school lover too!!! I don't know what I would do if one of my kiddos didn't love school.  She got to bring her journal home this week, so sweet.  Love love love her teacher too!!

She taught us her new prayer. Make sure you remember to clap at the end, I almost forgot, and oh man, I was almost in trouble!

Off to get the Champs glasses ready for the girls night!

Cheers to a great weekend! Goooooooooo Gophers and Skol Vikings (We'll just pretend that Monday night didn't really happen...)

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