Thursday, September 17, 2015

Emma Jean is 11 months!

Emma turned 11 months yesterday!

Hmmmm, let's see, what does it say this month?

11! See Mom, it says 11!
 She's either sucking on the bottom lip or has her tongue out :)
 She's down to just nursing morning and night.  She sleeps 6:45pm-6/7ish am.  Naps twice a day.  2 hours in the morning and lately just an hour in the afternoon.  Could she be transitioning to one nap soon?  Mama might like that so we can take advantage of our mornings and get our errands done :)

 She's a chatterbox.  Loves to be part of any conversation, and if she's not getting the attention she wants, she'll let you know.  She said mom, Emma, Mama, more and Dadda (But you really have to work her for that one). New sounds coming out every day.

She does TOUCHDOWN, so Big, Hi, Bye, more, one and is starting to point.  Gives kisses, hugs and snuggles.

Be careful if you're holding her when you're walking up the stairs as she tries to catapult herself out of your arms.  She LOVES to climb the stairs, just like her big sister, Sally did, when she was her age.

She's on the go! Starting to bear crawl when she's outside or where there's no carpeting.  Can go pretty quickly with a regular crawl.

She is beginning to stand on her own without hanging on to anything and walk along walls or furniture.  She walks with a walker whenever she can.

She loves to try and pull lamps down or plug ins out.  I think this is payback for the Gem of a Newborn she was :)

 Bye Bye Babyhood, acting like a toddler more and more every day!
 She's stubborn and independent.  Especially when it comes to eating yogurt *sigh*

She has started to drink cows milk and doesn't seem to mind it, yahoo!  Her favorite foods are bananas, grapes and any kind of meat.  She's really not picky, but those are her favorites.  She likes a variety in her food and is unlike her big sisters in that you can't keep repeating a type of food or she won't eat it.

This weekend our parish/school had a party.  Dews insisted on eating everything I ate, so she enjoyed some ice cream and couldn't get enough...

We FINALLY let her out when we're out, she sat in a big girl chair when we had lunch at Noodles the other day.  She was a big fan!  We like to keep them contained as long as possible, so many germs everywhere :) Tis the Season...

Happy 11 months Bug-A-Boo, I can't believe you're almost ONE!! Although, you've been acting it for quite some time.  You're so anxious to be a big girl so you can join in the crazy play with your big sisters!  Love you to pieces sweet thing!!

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