Monday, September 14, 2015

We've Been Enjoying

First and foremost, this AWESOME Fall weather! I remember last year's Fall being top notch...well, from what I can remember I was either 9 (it's really 10 months!) months leggo my preggo or sleep walking from having a newborn a toddler and a Kindergartner. :)

We're also enjoying SCORES! from second-hand stores, like Libby's new $15!!!! headboard!

The Girls (and Daddy!) enjoyed Family Help weekend!

The Horses were a hit! Thank you Bob and Family for bringing them, and for the cousins for helping our girls ride them!

Dews enjoyed her one on one time with Mommy! Crinkle nose cutie!

 The Bigs got to learn some gun safety and try out the BB Gun

 Daddy's home!

 Sisters back together, don't mind Sally's eyes being closed, too cute not to share

 Emma got to open an early birthday present from Nana and Grandpa! She LOVES it!

 We scored some labor day deals on Patio Furniture and our formal dining room table!

 I love our bonus time in the morning before Sally heads to the bus.  Mornings really are my favorite, so very peaceful.  They're spelling words and helping each other, getting along like little angels...serious, most days they're the greatest!
 This one on the other hand is a little busy body. LOVES to explore.  Outlets, plug ins, lamps you name it...
 aaaaaaaaaaand she found the stairs, game changer!
 So proud
 Libby's response, "OH GOSH!!!"
 Sally's school has a tradition as your first school Mass (usually in Kindergarten, but new students and staff march as well!) you do a Mass March where you proceed through the school halls and into the Church where the students, staff and parents clap for you.  You carry a candle and place it at the alter, to "let your light shine" throughout your years at the school.  Then in 8th grade at your graduation Mass, you do the same March.  Pretty neat, so glad Libby and I were able to watch Sally march.  Thank you Delores for coming to hang with Emma!!

 Biker Chicks!
 Reid's Aunt gave us a solar powered cross, we love it!

 I promised Libby she could throw a penny in the fountain before school.  She got to throw 3, one for each sister!
Cannot get enough of her cuteness!

 She thinks she's so funny, too
 Sisters, excited to go for a walk after lunch BEFORE nap. Switch up!
 For some reason Weeping Willows have always been my favorite kind of tree.  The girls LOVE to point them out when they see them.  This is one of my favorites.  It's on the path around the pond, it reminds me of the Tree of Wisdom from Pocahontas
 Enjoying snack time on the new patio furniture.  Libby asked if she could take a picture of Emma and I

 Little Tea Party too!
 Little Miss Sassafrass Sweet Thing
 Libby asked if we could take a walk to see the cross that lights up.  They thought it was pretty awesome to be so close up.  "I think we should say an Our Father"-Sally  "Mom, can we bless it before we leave?"-Libby

Pretty amazing girls we have!

 Our solar cross in the daylight
 One of the outtakes from the pictures by the cross.  Reid and I zoomed in on Emma, cannot. stop. laughing
 Sally saw that Libby got to take a picture of Emma and I the day before, so she wanted a turn.
 Waiting for the bus.  All 3 sisters had piggies in :)
 Ready to ride!
 Last week our Handyman, Ed, was helping us trim and move our island in the kitchen. So, we had a make shift lunch in the "living room" in their chairs.  Libby thought it was pretty funny, Dews didn't understand what all the hype was about, she just wanted her grapes.

and we've been enjoying the tongue.  Dews loves to hang it out all the time.  Some of these pictures are from Grandpa when he was here during Joey and Emily's wedding

There's something about this picture, but I can 100% see myself in Emma.  It's the weirdest thing, I can't usually see that.

As you can see, we've been enjoying a lot!


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