Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy September!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? The Gopher's kickoff their season tonight, of course my husband is going.  He also had his Fantasy Draft last Sunday.

My family started our college football draft.

Fall is coming.

But before that, HOLY HEATWAVE!

I let Emma open an early birthday present :)

Our Neighbor had a garage sale, they had a dress up bin full of costumes for a dollar each, I picked up a few gems for the girls.  Some not pictured as they're too awesome to reveal, they might wear them for Halloween :)

When we walk around the pond, at the end or the beginning, depending on what side you start, there are a few paths that lead up in to the woods.  The other night we took the girls on them, they thought it was the best thing ever.  They call it the forest. Will be so pretty during all of the seasons!

 You can't see it in the picture, but there was a Parachuter in the sky :)
 "Dews" Emma-Emmers-Emmer Dews-Dews :)  She's busy busy busy lately, crawling, bear crawling, pulling herself up, walking along things.  Thankful for the extra space, but also thankful for the gate! She loves to explore!
 One of her first swing rides, weeeeeeee.  When you have 3 and the other 2 request underdogs, it's not always easy to take the 3rd out of the stroller, where she's perfectly happy and content to add a 3rd swinger.  But then, sometimes you remember she's the 3rd and she needs to have fun too :)

 Helping prep, First day of school Carmel Rolls

 We went for a little walk around the 'hood.  Emma was waving and waving and waving to anything and everything :)
 Loving her cute new outfit from Meggers, thank you!! Helping to make Sally's last day of summer meal request.  Brats, corn on the cob and Mac N Cheese
 This was a great idea, until we served the food and the bees came swarming, at least we got a photo :)

 One of the strawberries from our plants was picture perfect and ready to be picked.  LJ was so excited!
 Trying to give her some one on one while Emma naps and Sally's at school.  Painting, her favorite...after tea parties, which I'm about to set up in 10 minutes per her request if she takes a good nap.

 She loves the hill, over and over and over.  Keeps her busy and burns some energy while we wait for Sally's bus

Dews LOVES to be outside.  She gets a silly little giggle when she sees we're headed to go outside.  She will crawl and explore all day, and eat grass!
 Emma has been waking up at 6am, not complaining, she naps a total of 4 hours during the day and sleeps 11.5 hours at night.  She and I have been going on morning walks, they are soooooo peaceful, even the baby babble adds to it.  The crazy fog added to the beautiful scenery this morning.

I'm also LOVING Father Mike's podcasts.  I would HIGHLY recommend them, even if you're not Catholic!  Check them out HERE  You could listen when you're driving, working out or just hanging out. :) At least try one to see what I'm talking about.
 Little lover of reading! Reading little sister her newly picked Library book before heading to the bus.  She's still loving school and hasn't complained about switching schools.  Mom's loving it as well!!  Libby had her preschool assessment yesterday (From what I heard (I didn't get to be in the room), she's a "smarty pants") and when we were walking in the Firsties were at recess, so it was fun to spot Sally.  She fit right in.  When L was done with her assessment the Firsties were at lunch so we got to peek at Sally again, she was loving her chicken nuggets!

Happy September Ya'll! One of these days I'll get the header/boarder switched :)

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