Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Heart Melted, when I found this note is Sally's lunch...

We've been making a habit of after dinner dance parties.  Emma LOVES them!  When she hears the music come on her whole body tenses up and she gets excited!

Can you believe it's October already? Happy Birthday to Auntie Emily, yesterday!!  My baby is about to turn one, waaaaaaaaaah.  I'm always emotional for every baby's first birthday, but even more so for this one. As it's getting closer and closer to possibly forever being doing with the baby stage.  We would like to at some point maybe add a 4th, but she's the third, which means we're almost done.  Weaning from the nursing has been emotional on this Mama.  She's ready and will be just fine, Mama's just having a hard time with the changes.  Enjoying each day as the present, not looking back, not thinking too far ahead.

Libby's school starts 10 minutes after Sally's school.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, we load up the car and do drop off.  I'm extremely thankful that I don't have to get out of the car, especially come winter. Emma says thank you too :)  I enjoy the special time with my girls.  Sally and Libby were plotting what they would do when they saw each other at Recess.  Sally is hoping Libby will introduce her to all the people in her class.  You should see Libby beam with the thought of her being in charge of something, Sally knows nothing about.

When we're waiting in the drop off line, Libby loves to point out her friends.  The other day one of her good friends and she were saying hi back and forth.  I really need to record it next time. The excited giggles are just so sweet.  Love watching LJ blossom in to a little school girl, so proud to be making her own set of friends.

 We know all too well that these days are limited.  Less cleaning and later naps so we can go out and enjoy this weather!

Soooooo happy.  Another "tense her whole body excitement" when we put shoes on and get ready to head out the door.  She loves the outdoors!
 "Mom, can I take a picture of you and Emma?  Emers, can you smile? Emers look at me.  Say Cheese!" {said in her high pitched, just like mom, voice}  and look at the smile she got from her :)
 Her shirt says it all!  Thanks Meggers for the adorable shirt, it suits her well!
 Little Miss Get into EVERYTHING, loves getting junk mail so she can play with it, crumple it and rip it :) You should hear her little giggles, thinking she's getting away with something

More dance par-tay fun!

Libby's selfie to show Gramps her "new to her" curtains.  They were in the nursery when Sally was a baby. Don't mind the black eye, she fell off a chair at our art table and hit another chair.  Maybe she'll trust her Mama now, and sit the right way on the chair ;)
 Libby and Mommy were a bit surprised this morning.  Apparently Libby likes to look our her window in the morning while she waits for her clock to turn green.  She was a bit surprised to see Mama running down the sidewalk, coming back from her morning run :)

 More drop off giggles and smiles

Happy Thursday!  

Beautiful weekend for the Twin Cities Races.  We'll be at the 10 mile cheering on Auntie Jenny!! "Run, Jenny, Run!"  Fun to be on the cheering side this time around :)

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