Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another Gorgeous Fall

What another beautiful Fall we've been blessed with this year! God sure does great work!

We joined the rest of the Minnesotans and picked out pumpkins and took pictures of all of the pretty trees and leaves changing colors!

We had a fun morning with friends last week.  Thank you Liz, Milo and Benny for coming over to play! We missed you Liz and Maria!

"Hey Mom, can you take a picture and put it on the blog so Grandma can see how cute her outfit is that she got me?" Thanks Grandma!

 One of the rainy days, Sally had indoor recess.  This is what most 1st graders do during indoor recess, right?  Oh Sally, my first born rule follower :)
 Pumpkin Patch! We were MORE than impressed with the selection AND prices.  We got an XL, L, M x2, S and 3 mini pumpkins for $17!!!

 Our 3 little pumpkins
 Finding the perfect one for Emma
 Got it
 Emma's new face :)
 My Loves
 Love how this tree just glows!

 Our neighborhood enchanted forest :)

 I got to sneak away for a bit on Sunday to shower Baby Anderson with Love! So very excited for Michelle!! Was great fun to catch up with the girlfriends that I go waaaaaay back with :)
 Meanwhile, Daddy took the girlies for a walk to the far park that Sally and I discovered the other day on our little bike ride adventure

 Emma too busy taking in the scenery to smile for the camera

This is how we get laundry done (don't mind the quality, the settings were for a lower quality to be able to send via text)...

We're gearing up for Conferences, a 3 day break from school and a baby girl's 1st birthday!!! gaaahhhh

Where or where does the time go?

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