Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Like a whole lot of Minnesotans, we hold out on turning on the heat until the last possible day.  There's just a little chill in the house in the morning and sometime the nights.  We've been enjoying having a fireplace, it does the trick to get the chill out.

Libby's school journal from last week

 Did I mention how the school does pictures?  When we went to Meet and Greet before school had started, they had Lifetouch set up all day to take school pictures.  You could come and go as you please.  I LOVED this setup.  Kind of fun to be wearing summer clothes and I didn't have to throw them on the bus and hope for the best.

Ummm have you filled out a picture order form recently? They have a million options for poses and backgrounds.  We kept it pretty simple, although I did like the idea of having them stand instead of sit.  Otherwise, sometimes they can be all slouched down.

They turned out pretty cute!

Our First Grader

 Our Preschooler

 Hey Mom, let's take a picture of our shadow!
 Baby girl is quite fond of the fireplace.

Giggles because it's so warm on her toes
 In awe
 I wike it
 Don't we all want to do this when the floor is toasty warm? :)
 Her signature, Crinkle nose
 A new expression of hers
 Walking around everything now
 I found a crack in the chairs, I'm gonna get up the stairs!
 Wait, I got some-ting on my finger
 I loved this journal entry of Sally's, I also love her teacher's comment.  I'm sure Sally wrote word for word what the lady at the apple orchard taught the class :)
 My sister ran in the Twin Cities 10 mile Sunday morning.  How perfect was the weather for all of the running events?!

It was so fun to sneak out a little early with Sally to go cheer her on.  She did awesome, she should be very proud!

Looking good at Mile 6.  Joey, Emily and I caught her at mile 9 too!

 Cheering for her GodMother!

 Cute Little Viking's Fan...if only they could have won...
 We had the Gearmans over for dinner Sunday night.  We had so much fun!  Even with 4 kiddos we still had a lot a convo time :)  As they were driving away and we were waving bye, Sally said, "Well, that sure was fun!"  We love having people come to visit. Who's next? :)
 Emma upgraded to the next car seat, which means she actually has to sit in the carts...totally anti-climatic for her.  Libby sure was proud and excited

"What's the big deal, guys?"
 "Mom, could we get on with our shopping, it's almost lunch time!"
 We had Family Pictures Saturday morning, here's our first little sneak peek.  I mean come on, how cute is she?!!

Thank you Kristin!!!

Emma certainly enjoyed walking around outside today.  She and Theo were rocking it.  Theo is only a few weeks older than Emma.  So fun that they actually show interest in one another, well other than him cruising right by her, take a look

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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