Sunday, October 25, 2015

Emma's First Birthday!

Emma had a great 1st birthday! It was filled with a lot of little favorites.  It was great fun that Nana and Grandpa were able to be here to celebrate too!

I know everyone says it, but seriously, where did the time go?! I cannot believe it has been a year since Emma was born! Wowzers.  Darn time just keeps on keeping on.

I forget who said it to me first, but the whole smash cake idea should really be switched to the 2nd birthday.  It's been very anti-climatic with my little ladies.  Emma was a little bit tired, so wasn't super thrilled.  Plus, I had just walked away so Daddy could be the one in the pictures, and she wanted me instead.  Then when I "forced" her hand in, she did not like being messy and whipped it all over, some even landing on the couch :) Dainty little lady.

It really should be saved for the 2nd birthday.  Then they have a better understanding of how awesome sweets are and to have a whole cake to just dig in to!

Emma had her 1 year check-up last week.  She's as healthy as can be, she's the smallest of all the sisters.  Didn't even make it to 20 lbs, so even if we would have wanted to switch her car seat around (don't worry, we don't break that rule), we couldn't have.

Weight: 19lbs 3oz--19%

Height: 28 inches--16%

Head: 46.3 cm--83%

Thank you for all of the generous gifts, well wishes, text, emails, comments and phone calls, she had a great day celebrating and felt extra special and loved!

The last of the monthly pictures-phew, what a relief to have those done :)

Get this bow out!

 uuuuugh mooooooom
 I like the stars, mom
 I'm so excited to be a toddler!
 Sally captured this one, this just might be her signature look.  She's got a pretty good poker face

How many big sisters does it take to make birthday cupcakes?
We went out to dinner the night before and the waitress was so sweet with the girls.  She was very excited to learn Emma was soon one.  She brought her a piece of cake and sang to her.  I love living in a small town.

She woke up to being able to eat at the table with her new placemat and special plate

 Mommy let her have half of a poptart too, since she always wishes she could have bites of her sister's

 She got to open a few presents in the morning before Daddy left for work.  She was very excited to get a toothbrush, and I think that might be the favorite gift :)

While Emma was napping the Bigs got to frost and decorate the cupcakes

After her morning nap we went to pick out a balloon.  She can now say balloon. She was also quite impressive with  being able to pull the balloon all the way down by the string to grab it!

 Crushing snack

We enjoyed a low-key day to just play and dance, Emma's favorite things to do. Once Daddy got home we opened more presents and had her favorite, brats on the grill for dinner!

My friend Kari made her awesome smash cake, thank you!!

 Mom wanting Dad in the pictures and Emma not having it

 Try again

Her sisters sure know how awesome it is to get messy and eat cake

 What a difference a year make!

 Thank you Kristin for our beautiful pictures, we can't wait to see more!

 I love our family! So very grateful for all of our blessings!

I did post the traditional year slideshow on the last post, but if you viewed in on your phone and possibly iPad it might not have shown up.  For some reason it was only working on computers.  I tried uploading it to youtube, but sometimes they block the content because of the music, even though the songs are paid for.  Here's a second try...

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