Monday, December 16, 2013

Terrific Two!!

At 12:44pm today, Libby turns 2!!

I love 2! I love that they can finally share their thoughts and feelings, even if it's through a tantrum.  I love that they can run and jump and give hugs and kisses and pretend to read books.  I love that they mimic exactly what they see you do and I love that they love with their entire heart. 

Libby has a huge heart and a love for life! I titled her 2nd year slide show, the many faces of Libby, and you'll definitely understand why, after watching. 

Libby's 2nd Year! from Jackie Craigmile on Vimeo.

Her sister loves her something quite fierce too.  She was so excited to be able to help decorate, after Libby went to bed.

Sally got her the sled.  She is so excited to give it to her. She did such a good job keeping a secret!

When we finished decorating Sally said, "Oh, I just can't wait to see her sweet sweet smile when she sees this!"

I just love this card that Sally made for her.  She decorated and decided what to write all on her own!

Happy Birthday Libby {the dots, just like Mommy}
A picture of she and Libby, complete with sticker bows and brushes. "I am so excited for you to be 2. I love you, Libby. Love, Sally"
"I love Libby"

Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! We are so very blessed to have you as our own.  You light up our world with your love and laughter! Thank you for being you, Libby Jo.  We love you more than you could ever know!!

We are blessed!


  1. Happy 2nd birthday Libby Lu Lu! Grandma loves you lots!

  2. So sweet! Your video made me tear up! It is incredible how much older she looks now. I love that she hasn't lost her adorable cheeks! Happy bday Libby!