Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Libby's Birthday Celebrations!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Libby!! Thank you for all of the love you shared with her on her special day.

The night before, Daddy did a great job setting up our gift to her!

She wasn't too sure at first, but it didn't take long.

As you can see from the video, she was a huge fan of the muffin!! Weeks leading up to her birthday when you'd ask her what she wanted for her birthday she's say, muffin.  Thank you Nana and Grandpa for bending over backwards to make sure she had muffins on her birthday!!


We dropped Sally off at school and then I surprised Libby by heading downtown to meet Daddy for a few hours of one on one time!

Waiting for Daddy to meet us at Macy's 8th floor!

Her shirt says "Happy Birthday to me!" She kept covering it up for pictures...

Daddy made it, she let out an excited scream when she saw him :)

She sure loves her Daddy

Potbelly for lunch!
Being silly while we waited for Daddy to get our lunch.

Loving all of the attention!

After lunch we headed down to the "waterfall," her favorite!

What a sweetheart!

The smile only Daddy gets

"I wanna touch it"

My girl

A nice gentleman offered to take a picture of the three of us

We like selfies too :)
We picked up Sally from school, took great naps and headed to the store to pick out her balloon.  She chose an Ariel one.

Sally did a great job letting it be Libby's day and never complaining about all that Libby was getting or that she didn't have any presents.  It also helps that Libby is really good at sharing with her Big Sister!!

She chose Big Noodles for her Birthday dinner!

Joey and Emily came over to celebrate with us too.  Emily was kind enough to bring delicious cupcakes from Yum!

A special one, just for Libby

My all your wishes come true, Sweet Girl
Next up, it was time to open presents! She received many generous ones from her grandparents--thank you!!

Uncle Joey helping to take her new flashlight out of the box

She let Sally help with a few!
Matching with Emily :)

Then it was time for Uncle Joey's big gift. {I love that he wrapped it all on his own!}

To the basement to play with her new slide!

After she got jammies on, she got word that Santa sent her a birthday message!!

and just like that, she's 2 years old!

The days might be long, but the years sure fly right on by!

We've had a great day enjoying her new gifts and in no rush to get anywhere.  Both of the girls slept in at least 30 minutes longer than usual, and they've been getting along very well!  There has been lots of sliding, jumping, snuggling and sledding!!

Libby's new baby, Lexi Kait

Testing out her new sled!

**Happy 1st Birthday to Miss Haddie!! We can't wait to see you soon to celebrate! Love you to pieces little peanut!

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