Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad would be turning 58 years old!  There's never a day that goes by that I don't think about him.  It's probably even more often now, that I'm a mom and thinking back to what kinds of things that made him a unique dad.  You don't have to think too hard to come up with a few things for that list :)

The "originals" were able to meet up last week for dinner.  It was great to get together and to just be. No kids and no significant others, we did a cheers to dad!

a selfie before the server helped us out :)

Thanks Mom, for dinner and drinks!


This weekend we went to our church's annual Santa's Workshop.  My cousin/aunt/hair dresser let me borrow her daughter's former Christmas dresses.  They loved the dress so much they bought it for 2 years, so the girls are each able to fit in to one.  Thank you Bridget!!

Reading stories to each other before heading out

Libby wasn't too sure of Santa, so she opted to stand instead of sit on his lap.  After it was all said and done she said, "He so nice, so much!" Which is translated to, he is so nice, I love him so much. ;)

Sally's looking older each day!

"Tell Santa you would like a cash register, please"
We had to stop at Menards to pick up a few things...they were a little over dressed :)

Reid completed another semester last night.  Hip Hip Hooray!! 7 down, only 3 semester to go! He gets a nice 5 week break before Spring semester starts up!

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  1. Cheers to dad! He'd be so proud of you, Reid and the girls and so am I!