Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Disney World: Day 2:Thanksgiving

Thursday was Thanksgiving, and the day we did it all! We woke up early to be at Magic Kingdom by park opening.  By far THE MOST IMPORTANT tip you call follow if you go to Disney is to be there at park opening.  There were no waits for any of the rides!! We whipped through a whole handful that usually have at least a 40 minute wait.  We were able to rearrange our fastpasses to be used later in the day for other rides that would have a longer wait at that time.  Thank goodness for smart phones!

Nana's favorite and our first ride was It's a Small World! Followed by Peter Pan's Flight

We wanted to make sure Regan was included so we took another shot :)

Next up was Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride

It was a chilly morning, so we warmed up by going on the Pirate's of the Caribbean, which was inside and warm.

Because we're from MN and used to the cold we braved the Jungle Cruise

We headed to Gaston's Tavern to get the biggest and most delicious cinnamon roll!

Next up was our Fast Pass for story time with Belle! One of my favorites!! They try to incorporate any and all volunteers who want to be a part of the story.  I didn't know this.  I volunteered Reid as a guard...he's a trooper, and Sally got to be Chip {the little tea cup}, Cannon got to be the horse!

So magical!

We split up as part of the group was going to meet Mickey and our group was going to meet some princesses.  On the way, there was a short line to meet Cinderella's Fairy Godmother!

Prior to this trip neither of the girls knew what an Autograph was, funny how quickly that changed!

"Libby, can you  believe it? This is Cinderella's Godmother!"

Next was a meet and greet with Rapunzel and Snow White.  I think of all the characters the girls met, Rapunzel was the nicest.  She asked about their favorite colors, painting their fingernails, having a sleep over and making cupcakes and on the way back they skipped together.


Showing her, her fingernails

Of course Sally had to touch her hair

Libby was very excited to meet Snow White :)

Next we headed to Casey's Corner for some amazing Chili Cheese Dogs and Pulled Pork Dogs! They are so very generous with their food portions.  We weren't in a rush to get somewhere on time so we took some pictures.  The sun was right in our eyes, eventually we remembered to put on the sun glasses :)

We headed back to our hotel for Nap time.  Mommy enjoyed a nice break by the pool and had a drink with Grandpa!

Sally was treated to some cotton candy for crushing her nap :)

We caught the bus and headed to Downtown Disney to have our Thanksgiving Dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Restaurant

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 We caught the bus to go back to Magic Kingdom to catch the Tomorrowland's Christmas Show

Right by Sally's head you can see Buzz on Stage

We had a Fast Pass for the Buzz Ride, very similar to the Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios, except Mommy got the high score this time :)

There wasn't a line for the People Mover Ride, so we jumped on that!

This view never gets old!

We headed back to the hotel to put the kiddies down and then Daddy and I headed back to Magic Kingdom to tackle two more rides :)

Waiting for the bus
 Silly times with Nana while waiting for the bus!
Mommy wanted to be in a picture
 Thank you to Nana for hanging in our room so we could go on Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain

Oooofta I'm tired just thinking about all that we accomplished that day!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's busy day 3 :)

Happy Snowy day!!

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  1. So much fun!!! What a great experience to be able to do all of that together! :)