Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Last Saturday was a nice break for me and some good bonding time for Daddy and his girls.

I went to Mandy's Baby shower in the morning and then my friend Liz hosted a sleep over girls night in the evening.

It was a nice little break to let all of the concerns having to deal with taking care of the girls, rest on Daddy, while I enjoyed time with my friends.

It was like old times, staying up too late, telling stories and laughing until we cried.  It has been a while, and felt so good!  Cheers to many many more memories ladies!!

Me-Jenny {The host of the shower}-Liz {Due in March!! Host of the sleep over}-Carrie-Mandy {Jenny's sister, honoring her at the shower, due on Valentine's Day!}-Martha
Meanwhile, Uncle Poosch and Great Grandma Gen stopped by for a visit!

An ornament that Sally made at Pre-School for Reid and I--she was so proud!

An ornament that Sally made at Sunday School

Our good friends the Lindberg family are moving again.  Last November they moved from 2 blocks away to Northfield. It wasn't AS sad because they were only 40 minutes away.  This time they are moving all the way to Iowa {Grinnell}. It's a bit more sad as they will be 4 hours away!  They stopped by today to say "see you later"--Goodbye is forever, so we say see you later around here :)

How sweet is it that they are all holding hands.  {Not pictured: Maggie, 6 months old!!}
We're going to miss you girls!! Thank goodness for technology, we will still be able to keep in touch!!

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