Thursday, December 5, 2013

Disney World: Day 3

The day we did 3 parks in one day!

We tried to catch an early bus to squeeze in a ride before our breakfast at Whispering Canyon, but the bus schedule had another idea :)

We took the bus to Magic Kingdom and then the Ferry to Wilderness Lodge for our breakfast at Whispering Canyon :)

The girls finally got to wake up on their own as it wasn't a super duper early morning :) They did great sharing a room!
On the Ferry

Nana and Grandpa, always helping with one of the grandkids :)

Whispering Canyon is known for the servers being a little silly.  If you ever go, make sure you ask for some Ketchup!  Uncle Marc found out that you have to shout for it and anyone with ketchup brings it to your table, but then you have to return the favor if someone else needs Ketchup!
Waiting for the Ferry to return to Magic Kingdom
We noticed a short line to meet Tiana, so the girls got to meet her too!

There was a shorter line to go under the sea on the Little Mermaid ride, so we did that with the crew. 

Afterward, Sally decided she wanted to wait in line to meet Ariel, and I'm so glad we did.  It was the best memory for her from the trip!

We met up with the crew for some lunch

and then a quick ride on the Pooh ride

Before catching the Monorail for Animal Kingdom we stood in line to meet Merida {Brave}.  The girls did a great job being patient!

This is what no nap looks like :)

We picked up the monorail and headed over to Animal Kingdom for the Safari! {Thankful for another fast pass as the wait would have been over an hour!}


Elephant in the background

Daddy Lion!

Next we headed to the Festival of the Lion King!  The girls and grandparents were in awe! It was similar to Cirque Du Soleil.  Libby stayed awake for all of it, but as soon as we started walking to head to the bus, this happened :)

Sally earned herself a Mickey Ice Cream Treat!
We gave the girls dinner at the hotel and then right to bed so the big kids could go to dinner while Nana and Grandpa babysat!

We headed over to Epcot to see what we could find to eat

We headed to Nine Dragons for some Chinese food.  We expected a little bit of a wait, but to our surprise it was 30 seconds max!!  We treated ourselves to one of each due to our meal plan and shared :)

We watched a little bit of the light show and headed to the ride, Soarin', very cool and very fun!

Reid and I continued on to the Test Track put on my Chevy, so fun!!

And then ended our night with Spaceship Earth.  Here's a look in to our future :)

What a great day it was!

Day 4 we also tackled 3 parks, ate breakfast with the princesses and found time to go swimming!

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