Friday, July 26, 2013


The other day Libby was getting on one of the bikes by Delores' house and would not stop whining.  I decided to go check it out and see if her foot was stuck, or what the dealio was. 

This little guy was flipping and flopping around and she was freaked out:

I should have put a blade of grass by it so you could see how large it is.  It's about twice the size of a typical caterpillar! We were all very intrigued.  We then spotted another one high tailing it across the sidewalk.  We decided to collect and watch them to learn more about them!
They currently reside at Delores' house!  This is what summer memories are all about, right?! I'll keep you posted on Ole and Leena!
Sally's 5 point harness is officially too small for her.  The straps are lower than her shoulders.  She's graduated to the seat belt!  Another reminder of our ever growing children :(

Little Miss Happy pants popped a molar and I think that was the cause of her crabby pants a while back.  Happy to have my little lady back, as well as longer naps!

A while back I loved how Libby would respond to her name or questions with "What?" Did I post a video of that?  Well anywhooooo my new favorite thing is her "Uh hum" Take a listen!

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! Happy Nana & Gpa coming! Happy Burtzel's Wedding! Happy Everything!

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