Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If nothing else, this summer we have encouraged a handful of families to go down the water slide.  Pretty close to every day that we're at the pool someone comments on how old Libby is and how we survive going down the slide. 

Today a dad yelled down to a wife, "Hey look, she's only 1 1/2 and this mom does it by herself and has a 4 year old as well! Bring Lilly up, she's 2!!!"  And they survived and thanked us again and again because they enjoyed it so very much!

Sally is a big time jumper off the side of the pool! I don't know how she doesn't wake up sore from all of her trips out of the water.  Not to mention her fast speed up the 57 stairs to the top of the water slides!  Today I bet she jumped in over 60 times!! 

Don't mind the girl in pink climbing out of the pool

We played a little dress up this am before heading to the pool

The  massive Target run yesterday afternoon was a success! I remember being a little girl and going to the store and getting to pick out the individual boxes of cereal, the GOOD kind that we never got to have at home.  Vacations meant breaking some rules and having some fun.  I would like to pass that on to my kids.  I remember lots of treats and we were allowed to jump on the beds, because they weren't ours :)

Sally got to pick out a handful of goodies at Target! This morning we're off to the pool and this afternoon we'll be baking some of the snacks to pack up.  One more sleep! 

Not sure if I'll be updating the blog, but instagram is a sure bet!!

Ta Ta for now!

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