Monday, July 29, 2013

Burtzel Wedding!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the Burtzel Wedding.  We truly enjoyed ourselves and it was all thanks to Nana & Gpa for taking such fabulous care of our little ladies.  We didn't have to stop and think twice about how the girls were doing because we knew they were having great fun and making lasting memories.  Thank you Nana and Grandpa, you're much appreciated!! {especially for stopping by today and allowing me to do a solo Target run!!}

Today are the pictures from the weekend that Reid and I have.  Tomorrow will be Nana and Gpa's pictures!

Happy Monday!

Rehearsal Dinner at the Roasted Pear, with a couple of the Groomsman!

Libby wearing Nana's Glasses at breakfast!

Dropping the groomsman off at the church

This picture pretty much sums up what this group is know how you do a one on one picture with each of your groomsman?  Well, this was one of those...

Enjoying our time without kiddies to chase!

Record setting Bridal Party.  10 on each side!

The calm before the storm
Party bus fun!
Reid and the Groom! C-B 3!!

Me and my babens!
Reid and Benson!
Kiss Kiss

Nana and Grandpa took us to Brunch Sunday morning after Church
Nana lets the girls send some text.  I believe this one was to Poosch from Sally!

Gpa needed a little touch up!

Sunday afternoon, after some much needed naps by all of the members of the Craigmile Crew.  We went up to the park to fly a kite.  It was fun, but will be more fun when there's more wind ;)

**Wesley William Gearman entered the world today!! We're so so excited for Kyle and Laura and can't wait to meet the little guy later tonight! Congratulations Kyle and Laura!!!

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