Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rest of our Staycation

After naps on Friday, we returned to the pool for swimming, dinner and dessert!

The Craigmile Crew!

Picking out her tube, looking for the fastest one!

They loved showing Daddy around the pool!

She still doesn't like ice cream or anything cold

She still loves anything that she can eat

Reid need to pick up a suit in Saint Cloud for a wedding that he is in at the end of July.  We decided to say hello to some friends and see their new house, have lunch at the mall and make a quick stop at Cabela's so the girls could see the animals

Do you think she wanted another bite?

"Daddy, this is Lion King!"-Sally  Then she learned what survival of the fittest means 



The Christensen Family invited us over for dinner as Pat was testing out smoking ribs.  They were dish! Thank you for sharing!
Dressing up!

She never shows much interest in wanting to hold new babies.  She says she's shy when they aren't hers.  Out of nowhere she asked to hold Bobby, maybe because she knows he never cries =)

And then there were 4 :)  We did a swap it that night too.  Pat came over to watch a movie with Reid and I went over there to snuggle with Bobby and watch Revenge with Tiffany.
We've been having a lot of fun lately!!

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